About Us


First Community Church will together
give glory to God,
bring others to Jesus,
and show love to our community.
(while keeping the main thing the main thing)


We see a godly community of influencers.

We know our power to overcome the world is a catalyst for influencing others to know Jesus.

So in submission to Christ we seek to be a church where:

Failure is overcome with Grace

we strengthen the weak, embrace the outcast, and recruit the broken-hearted.

We refuse to let failure overshadow God’s grace.

Conformity is overcome with Unity

we place Christ above culture, God’s Word above custom.

We celebrate diversity.  We serve together, play together, and worship together.

Bondage is overcome with Connection

we compassionately connect people to God so they can experience freedom and rest, mercy and hope.

We are motivated by love rather than fear and care for the whole person.

We stay pure by guarding our hearts rather than building barriers.

Isolation is overcome with Opportunity

we create nourishing environments and equipping opportunities so every believer can be a part of the mission.

We are more concerned with honoring God than with the adherence to tradition or efficiency in ministry.

Indifference is overcome with purpose

we are builders, exhorters, and planters.  Living by faith we will impact lives, both locally and globally.

We will do this with authority from God.